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Some parts are a little more low tech in execution . The bow cap is molded out of fiberglass and body filler , using the actual boat as a pattern .

The bow cap casting with the pattern beside it .

On the bow cap I also had two tapered castings made that will blend the front of the rails into the cap as well as two small caps that will finish the end of the binder . Because of the shrinkage in the castings , and the complexity of the shape of the finished part the tapered ends were fitted and brazed onto the bow cap as it was fitted to ensure good alignment with the rails . After chrome plating it will look like one piece .


Next the cutwater will be fabricated to fit under the bow cap and everything polished and plated . The white lines on the hull are from wet sanding the deck . I like to do all of the fitting of the hardware before the final coat of varnish .

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