fairing the sides

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   The top transom plank finished off , and on to fairing the sides


 It is one thing to plank the hull , and make sure that all of the plank seams are good fits . However the planked hull is a series of flat surfaces that still need to be blended into those nice flowing curves that make a boat look like a boat . The first stage in this process is to carve the shape using a razor sharp spoke shave diagonally across the grain . Long sanding blocks are used later to refine the surface , starting at       # 40 grit and progressing to #400 grit waterproof paper in the finish coats of varnish .

By the time that the shine is on the hull , any bumps and hollows will become very obvious . When the hull is unfinished these bumps cannot really be seen . The only way to find them is to feel them by running my hand over the surface as I carve away the high spots.

By the time that one side of the hull is faired , there are three garbage bags of shavings on the floor , and one trip to the massage therapist .

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