The Deck 3

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Because this boat has such a large cockpit opening , and no supporting intermediate decks , the covering boards play an important structural role . If you look at a box with a lid it is pretty solid . As soon as the lid is removed the box looses a lot of it's strength .The covering boards are the lid on the box here , and are put on 1 1/4" thick . They will be shaped and dressed down later .

Because the curve has to be cut out the covering boards , they are put on in three lengths . Where they join they are connected with a locking scarf joint . This joint has been used in traditional wooden shipbuilding for hundreds of years. A common butt joint would have been much simpler to do , and is much more common practice these days . Like advances in most things the advancement is usually to benefit production and profit rather than the quality of the finished product .

Since the covering boards run past the finished transom , the last layer has to be put on the transom first . more on that next .

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