A New Runnabout

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    The design of this boat was commissioned about a year ago . The final design was a result of several discussions with the owner , and a refinement of balance between aesthetics , creature comforts ,   performance and hydrostatic considerations

The process

The traditional way to build a boat is to start off by drawing the lines full sized on the floor . This is called lofting . The purpose of lofting is to enlarge and correct any minute errors that happen in a small scale drawing where the width of a pencil line on the scale drawing would translate into about half an inch on the full size Boat . The beauty of a computer design is that the width of the pencil line is zero , and the lines can be expanded without distortion .

    In the past the majority of the shop floor would be covered with a huge drawing board to loft the lines of a boat . Today I fair the lines in the computer , and plot out full size drawings of the component parts . This is a tremendous saving in time , shop space , and my knees ( because I no longer have to crawl around a drawing on my hands and knees erasing thirty foot long lines

    The most recent stage in the evolution of boat building has been the addition of a Computer controlled router . Now instead of tracing the large drawing onto the wood , cutting  out the wood and smoothing it with a hand plane , the frame parts are cut to within.005" accuracy on the CNC router.

Planning The frames : Frames 2 : setting up 1 setting up 2 chines inner skin 1 innerskin2 bottom planks 1 bottom planks 2 rollover The Sides 1 The Sides 2 Planking the sides1 Planking the sides2 floors The Bow The Deck 1 The Deck 2 The Deck 3 The transom fairing the sides The engines arrive Decking Prop shafts Interior 1 Interior 2 Interior 3 Interior 4 Archimedes The gunwales The parts staining the hull Interior 5 Hardware 1 Hardware 2 Hardware 3 Interior 6 Interior7 Interior8 Hardware 4 Sea trials 1 Sea trials 2 Departure


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