A new Racer



I've had my own gentleman's racer that I built back in 1991 for twelve continuous years of enjoyment . Over the years I've made a lot of mental notes about little things that I would do a bit differently given the opportunity to build another one. I was commissioned this fall to build this boat over a two year  period with a launching in the spring of 2005 . This will give the new owner an opportunity to build his new boathouse to keep it in . ---Sometimes the boat is the cheapest part of the whole deal . These are a few renderings of the proposed design .
A new racer 1 A new racer 2 A new racer 3 A new racer 4 A new racer 5 A new racer 6 A new racer7 A new racer 8 A new racer 9 A new racer 10 A new racer 11 A new racer 12 A new racer 13 A new racer 14 A new racer 15 A new racer 16 A new racer 17 A new racer 18


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