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It's been a while since I've updated this section . When I built my Gentlemans racer back in 1991 it took a year and a half of my after work spare time . This dispro project is taking considerably longer . A few of the factors that I've attributed this to are the increased complexity of the project , and the number of mechanical parts that I'm actually having to make from scratch . ----Not to mention that I'm not as young as I was in 1991 and simply don't have the same amount of energy after 5 that I did back then .The engine is starting to come together . One of the things that I did was to make a new timer with a modification that allows it to be removed from the engine without taking the flywheel off .


Above  is the new modified timer.



I managed to talk Bob Skinner a talented machinist and antique outboard guru to spin two new copper water jackets that realy set the engine off .  There are still a lot of other little details to be taken care of  ---the mixture needle from the carburetor is missing , so I have to make a new one . Not a big deal , but just one more thing to deal with . Hopefully this summer will be the launch .

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