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 One thing that I've wanted to do for years was to build a dispro . This is a part time project with no large scale commercial objective . I'm somewhat  amused by the occasional promo hype in the paper about some marketing types who have decided that they are going to mass produce wooden boats and sell about seventy or so a year .The venture usually gets as far as the first boat before the bankers move in .All the power to them if they can pull it off , but one at a time on a commission from a new owner is the way that I'd prefer to keep it here . Most people who come by the shop , and see my new dispro  ask how much does it cost to build a new dispro ?.and how many am I building ? ---   It's interesting to note that on the back of the sales brochure that this add came from ,  the price in 1922 for this boat with a 6 hp motor was $730.00 , in relative terms that was almost three times as much as a model T ford car .Today in relative terms the cost is about the same now as it was then .  Perception of value doesn't always translate into what it actually costs to build something .


The boat started off as a set of offsets taken from a 1922 uncle sam model dispro .  The offset were translated into a set of station molds that were cut out from plywood and set up on a strong back .


One of the difficulties was finding suitable cypress planking stock . I managed to find an old growth river recovered log in Florida , and a sawyer who knew how to saw it into boat stock . I could tell from the ends of the boards that the tree had originally been cut down with an axe . It's been over a hundred years since loggers used axes , so I'm guessing that the log was cut down over a hundred years ago . ---That adds political correctness to the project , with no trees cut down in my lifetime to build the boat .

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