Lady Patricia 5

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  At one time in the boats life somebody heavy jumped on the centre deck ( now removed ) and broke the deck beam , forcing the hull apart . The result was that the dash board didn't fit anymore . While doing the bottom work I managed to pull the hull together quite a bit , but the dash board still isn't quite tight to the hull , so a new one will be fitted ..


While stripping the hull there was one topside plank with quite a long split in it that was changed at this point .


  The next area that usually requires some attention on most dispros is the ends of the ribs in the area of the device . They don't have a lot of purchase on the keel to begin with here , and were originally screwed to the keel . The ends of the ribs are in pretty bad shape here , so I steam in new ones and rivet them through the keel with copper rivets .



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