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   This is the boat upside down , showing the hole where the device is fitted.  Notice how the bolts that hold in the device go through just beside the plank lap rather than going through the plank lap , where there would be twice the thickness of planking . On Greavette dispros about fifty percent of the time the bolts for the device go through only a single layer of planking in this area , creating a weak spot .

   Jumping ahead a bit to a picture of another 1955 Greavette dispro that I worked on last year . Notice how when I replaced the 2nd round of planking I made a slight bulge in the 2nd round of planking to catch the device bolts , and give it 3/4" of plank thickness  to hold the bolts in stead of 3/8" .



Removing the clenched over nails from the planking is a very tedious job . I usually remove the keel , stem , stern post , and two or three rounds of planking from the bottom . It's in this are where most of the problems are , and once repaired correctly , will last for another lifetime .

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