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This advertisement from the 1936 catalogue shows the " Sport special " Notice the price tag of $600 dollars . Quite a bit of money in 1936 .

One thing that I always find difficult to do , is to cut a big hole in a new bottom . This hole is where the device will be installed .The engine and device were restored by Paul Dodington , who also came by for the installation of the device . The device is bedded to the bottom with lamp wick and bedding compound . The same method used when the boat was new .

The device extends through the dash board and is bolted through the bottom with stainless steel carriage bolts . The device lifted in and out about four times to check the fit against the bottom before being bolted and bedded down .

This device also has an " aqua-scope " This is a brass porthole with a glass window to allow easy access to the prop for clearing weeds .


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