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  The restoration begins with the removal of the engine and device . The big hole in the bottom here is were the device was installed , and allowed the propeller to retract into the hull . The device was originally  bolted through the bottom of these boats with iron carriage bolts . The iron bolts are what has brought most of these boats through my door over the years .

   The laminated decks with oak combings and trim are nice features in this model ,unfortunately iron fasteners were used here as well and have contributed to the blackening of the wood .

  The dispros built in Port Carling and Lindsay were planked with cyprus . Cyprus is a very decay resistant wood , and I have never seen it rot before . That is until this boat . I suspect that the decay in the planking here was from the use of sap wood . Sap wood is the outer part of the tree and can be identified by it's lighter colour . Sap wood in any species of wood is always prone to rapid decay .

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