I've decided to add a section of designs that I've been working on in my spare time . At this stage most of the designs are at a preliminary stage . The design process can be compared to a spiral . From the initial preliminary stage the hydrostatic calculations are done to determine stability and performance characteristics . Then the construction plan is drawn , detailing a structure adequately strong enough to handle the anticipated loads . From the construction plan a weight study is done . The weight study is a detailed list of every component in the boat and it's mass and center of gravity listed in a table . From the table the sum of all of the components are used to determine the net center of gravity and weight of the hull . Sometimes the result from the weight study doesn't produce desirable running characteristics for the initial hull form . Then it's a matter of modifying the hull form to accommodate the weight , or moving some of the weights around ( like the engine  , seats , fuel tanks , etc . ) until the center of gravity matches the center of buoyancy of where you want the hull to float . This spiral can be a long and tedious process , and a lot of boats that don't run and handle as well as they could are produced by skipping over this process .


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