Crusoe 4

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Skipping forward a few steps the bottom completed , primed painted and ready to turn over . The sheer plank was replaced at the bow at this time because it was easier to do in this position .




  The boat being turned over in straps . The legs sticking out of the bottom are stands that are bolted into the stringers . The boat was supported on these while the bottom was being replaced .    The battens on the sides are replaced and faired before the new sides go on .

   The original side planking was ribbon stripe sapele . An African mahogany with a beautiful ribbon figure . I managed to find enough to re-plank the sides with . Although beautiful when finished the wood was extremely difficult to work with , and I can see why it was not used in a lot of boats .

  Before the last coats of varnish the windshield frame is trial fitted to the deck . After a lot of fiddling filing and tweaking the frame was sent to the plating shop for chrome .

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