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  Now that the deck is finished it was time to start on the windshield . Bronze castings were sand cast for the side brackets using originals borrowed from another boat . The bases of the brackets were ground to the correct angle and fitted to the new deck .



With the brackets fastened to the deck a plywood pattern for the  center rotating frames was made out of plywood .

  The castings were then sent out for polishing . The side brackets also incorporate the side lights and are made out of three individual castings . The holes and threads were machined into the castings at this point to attach the assemblies to one another . The space for the lens was tweaked with a pneumatic die grinder until the lenses fit securely .

   The boat was rolled over and after the plank widths had been recorded the bottom was cut off in three foot sections with a skill saw . I've seen some restorers extract all of the screws( about three thousand in this case ) and remove the planks one at a time ! Cutting the bottom off takes about half a day . Digging the screws out several days . In the end the result is the same ---All of the bottom frames exposed for replacement . Some people have asked me " how will you know the shape of the plank if you don't have the old one as a pattern ? "  My answer to this is " The guy building the boat in 1937 didn't have a pattern either ." 

P.S. if the background looks a little different here it is because After outgrowing my shop I rented another location for a while until my addition was finished .

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