1937 Ditchburn

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I met a fellow in the local coffee shop back in 1994 . The fellow mentioned that he had an old shed that had fallen down over the winter , and there was a boat inside . He was going to bulldoze the building into the nearby ravine. boat and all . He suggested that I have a look at the boat before he did it . Just in case I was interested . After my initial look my first thought was to get a hacksaw and liberate that nice banjo steering wheel and leave the rest for the ravine . But then the Ditchburn  name plate caught my eye , and then the bracket for the outboard rudder , and then the nice overhang on the back deck .----Next thing I knew I was doing the work of the bulldozer with work gloves and a chainsaw carefully prizing what was left of this hulk from the debris of the fallen building .  Not much happened to the boat for a couple of years as I tried to sell the boat for a dollar to anyone who would fund the restoration . I wound up taking the lines off of the boat before much of the shape settled into my back yard . In my spare time I made a new set of frames and set up a new hull ( at least the back seat base was still usable from the original boat .) One day the phone rang . It was a fellow in Georgia who had heard that I had a 1937 Dithchburn , and he was looking for one . In the end I wound up completing the woodwork and handed over the rest of the restoration to  Lance Wilson ( a professional boat restorer in Florida ) who did a first rate job of the completion


 Needs work was what the sign said at the field of dreams , as I tried to sell the boat for $1.00
1937 Ditchburn 1 1937 Ditchburn 2

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