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This boat is an earlier Hackercraft built in the early 1990's . There are a lot of these boats around . They are a good running boat with a classic look  . The main problem with every one that I've seen to date has extensive deterioration in the bottom . The thinking at the time they were built was that you could use sub-standard grades of wood to build the boat with . Then " encapsulate " the wood in epoxy and it would last forever .  I think Epoxy is a wonderful modern material and am glad to have it available , but it is not a substitute for craftsmanship , good fits , or using a grade of lumber that has proven rot resistance . Once that there is even a pin hole in the encapsulation , water will find it's way in , the wood will expand a bit and more fractures will appear in that rigid epoxy waterproof coating , allowing more water to get into the wood .This boat  came in to the shop initially for mainly cosmetic touches , but after spending a few days taking   apart the interior and getting a closer look at the bottom the plan changed .




The hardware is all removed and catalogued . Then the interior is labeled and dismantled to gain access to the bilge area of the bottom .


After poking around a bit in the bilge it became apparent that something not so good was happening behind that " encapsulation " . Had it been one of two areas I would have probably filled the bad spots with some penetrating epoxy . A lot of the frames even looked pretty good on the outside , but made a hollow sound when tapped with a hammer , telling me that they weren't as good as they looked . It was the deterioration of the frames that  led me to the conclusion that the boat really needed a new bottom .


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