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The second diagonal layer is fitted in the opposite direction . The pieces are fitted and held with temporary screws which will be removed after the 3M 5200 has cured . 




              After completing the 2nd diagonal layer the planks are laid  out  on the cedar . The pencil lines visible in the photo to the right show were the plank lines will be on the final layer . Since there is no where to clamp the final layer when fitting the planks , some temporary sticks are hooked into loops fastened to the keel , and used to hold the last layer of planking down while it is fitted and bonded to the cedar inner skins . The last layer is made of mahogany and is fastened through the inner skins and into the frames with about 1500 stainless steel screws  .


        The side chine planks are fitted to complete the planking  . After the planks are all on the process of fairing begins . On the bottom the planks form a series of flats . To complete the shape to a nicely rounded concave shape , a tool called a spoke-shave is used to sculpt  the slight hollow into the bottom planks . The new side planks are also  faired down to the thickness of the existing planking in a similar manner .


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