Welcome to Windsor Boat Works . This site is a collection of photographs and commentary of some of my past works as well as works underway in the shop.  

I've done my best to make these pages as fast as possible , but pictures are the road hogs of the information superhighway. depending on the speed of your connection they may take a few  seconds to load . So please be patient.        (Most of the pictures are thumbnails and can be clicked on to enlarge the picture to full size .)

  Works :     

                               30 foot Hackercraft Jacks Ditchburn Allouette The family Seabird Lindsay Dispro Crusoe 1937 Ditchburn A New Runnabout Waterford dispro A new Racer Gentlemans Racer Old Poke The Witch Hawkstone A New Dispro Lady Patricia 1

  Works in progress: Designs

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Our Mission

Windsor Boat Works  is dedicated to the restoration and preservation antique and classic motor boats , and also designs and builds one of a kind custom runabouts continuing the stewardship of muskoka boat building .


Company Profile

Windsor Boat Works was founded in 1993 with a primary focus on restoration of muskoka built boats. Over the years the search for available boats for restoration has brought boats in the door that would have been considered beyond repair in the past .Some of the more challenging boats have been re-constructed from lines drawings created in the shop. This eventually led to the design and construction of new boats , tailored to the customers own preferences . Much like in the past when a boater  would commission a new boat , and become a part of its creation and history .

    I would imagine that an electric hand drill must have been a technological revolution for the boat shop one hundred years ago .Today a computer ,computer aided design and computer controlled router are the latest evolution of tools in my boat shop.

    Anything built by man can be built by man again .

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